ClassBallet is a much more important form of exercise for ultimate physique and wellness than its reputation suggests. BALLET BODIES, founded by Rebecca Witjas, is here to change that. Ballet is ideal for all ages, men and women, and can shape and transform like no elliptical, Pilates, free weights, or yoga class can. BALLET BODIES is open to those people who have never discovered Ballet or quit when they were children. It is a fact that at the intermediate/ advanced level, ballet is more strenuous than any sport on earth! Why? It uses all the muscle groups, small and large, symmetrically balancing the body against gravity. This provides advanced resistance training for an interval training effect.

Ballet uses all three types of muscle contractions for a time efficient workout. The eccentric contraction is emphasized because it uses the most calories and makes the muscles long and sleek. It is a fascinating adventure, and the aspect of using the mind in harmony with movement creates an optimal level of brain function and clarity. BALLET BODIES, which represents Rebecca’s championing Ballet techniques, focuses “on center – and finding it every time.” Ballet is the true neutral workout that is right for everyone and allows you to do so much more in life. BALLET BODIES is dedicated to helping people understand how this articulates itself in everyday life, in mind and body.



Everything your mind and body needs.

1. Interval training (better than aerobic training for the heart/lungs/fat burning)
2. Strength training
3. Stretching
4. Balance
5. Coordination
6. Focus
7. Concentration
8. Stress relief

Typically, we find exercise classes to give us one or two of the above, however, Ballet gives us all of them (except perhaps the biceps strength that comes with more advanced levels in Ballet).


Core strength.

Ballet excels at this beyond anything else, including Pilates, and creates that “ballet body” we all want. It uses eccentric muscular contractions (lengthening), as well as concentric contractions (shortening), to give a well-balanced strength with less chance of injury.

Cost and hours invested.

If you consider all the gym fees, Pilates fees, class fees; ballet is the least expensive.


Ballet can be done in any weather, in almost any place with a flat surface, and at any time. It requires only a little space (about 3 feet circularly from center).

Interval training and endurance.

Interval training is considered the best fat burner of any type of exercise and Ballet is the quintessential interval training. A ballet barre can burn up to 500 calories in a single hour!

Coordination and control.

Ballet gets you in touch with feeling the mind and body connection. This skill is considered the best defense for feeling the onset of big or small health problems. No exercise class except Ballet will correct your body mechanics or “ergonomic correctness”.



Ballet is done constantly on perfect balance. That means learning to move around your spinal center, which Rebecca deems “the body’s “perfect” center”. Since balance is vastly improved, it keeps you from falls later in life. Falls are the greatest cause of death in people over the age of 80 (pelvic breaks).


Stretching is the best de-stressor of all types of exercise and preserves range of motion for stronger muscles.

Good posture.

It gives the body the Ballet “habit” for life, which allows your internal organs to function optimally. Learning balance in conjunction with Strength “on center” gives you great body control for a variety of daily activities and sports – balancing muscularity around our bones. Ask yourself, “How do I learn center in relation to gravity by lying down?”

Enjoyable, fun, and youthful.